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Kayaking in Los Gigantes – Guided route along the cliffs

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The cliffs of Los Gigantes are an immense natural wall that rises from the sea and is impressive just by looking at it from afar. Book your kayak tour in Los Gigantes and feel the enormous volcanic walls of Tenerife up close.

  • Duration of the excursion: 2 hours (round trip)
  • Departure point: Los Gigantes harbour (Pantalán 6)
  • No previous experience with kayaks required

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Map of the kayak route through Los Gigantes

Tour information

  • Duration: 2 hours (round trip)
  • No previous experience with kayaks is required
  • Safe and low-difficulty activity

The departure point is the marina of Los Gigantes. It is here where we will receive a briefing where the guide will explain the excursion and give us tips on how to carry the kayak.

We will then get into the kayaks and start paddling towards the cliffs.

After a while skirting the immense volcanic walls, we will make a short stop to snorkel and contemplate the seabed and marine fauna of the area.

Then we return again to the marina and this is the end of the route.

Throughout the activity we will be accompanied by professional guides, who will explain the information and peculiarities of this natural place.

We will also be accompanied by a boat for assistance and support throughout the excursion.

Remember that it is essential to know how to swim and to be in good physical and mental condition to do the activity.

Watch the video of the activity

What is included?

  • Kayak complete with paddle and vest
  • One drink
  • Digital photo book
  • Acc and RC insurance
  • Support boat

You should bring your own swimsuit and sunscreen. The rest of your belongings can stay in our tent while you do the route.

Meeting point

  • You must be 15 minutes before the start of the activity at Pantalán 6 of Los Gigantes Marina.
  • It is recommended to leave with some time in advance to find parking.
  • The parking lot at Los Gigantes Marina is paid, although there is free parking in other areas.

Activity prices

PersonPrice per person
Non-resident adults30€
Adult residents25€
Children under 10 years old10€

Children under 10 years of age are placed in the center of the kayak between two adults and do not paddle.

Schedules available

Choose your day and time on the calendar:

Hours available:

  • 11:00
  • 14:00
  • 16:30

Frequently Asked Questions

🛶 How long does the tour last?

The kayak tour of Los Gigantes lasts 2 hours.

🛶 Can children go on the excursion?

Yes, children under 10 years old do not paddle, they will be placed in the center of the kayak between two adults. From 10 years old, children can paddle and occupy an adult seat.

🛶 Do I need previous kayaking experience?

You don’t have to. Our kayaks are large and stable, perfect for first time paddlers. Besides, the sea is calm in the area and navigating is not difficult.

🛶 What should I bring on the excursion?

You must bring your own swimsuit and sunscreen.

🛶 Can I leave my things somewhere and then pick them up?

Yes, your personal belongings can be kept in our store and picked up after the activity.

🛶 Can I cancel the activity and get my money back?

Yes, if you cancel between 24 and 48 hours before the activity, 100% of the amount will be refunded. If you cancel during this period, 50% will be refunded; and if you cancel less than 24 hours before the activity, the amount will not be refunded.
If the activity is cancelled due to bad weather, the full amount will be refunded. No refund will be given if the person does not show up or arrives more than 15 minutes late.

Book kayaking in Los Gigantes online

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Tips before kayaking in Los Gigantes

The kayak is the perfect boat to feel the cliffs of Los Gigantes up close, without polluting the environment or disturbing the marine fauna. Besides, they are easy to handle and you are sure to master it the first time. Even so, here are some kayaking tips if you are a beginner.

Body posture

To avoid being tense or uncomfortable, bend your knees slightly and place them against the side of the kayak. This contact provides stability and enhances your strokes.

How to attach the kayak paddle?

You have to hold the paddle as if you were holding the handlebars of a bicycle, with your hands gripping the paddle downwards.

Remember that you don’t need to grip the paddle too tightly, because most paddles float if you drop them. You should have a relaxed “o” grip.

How to row?

Place the paddle blade completely in the water near your feet. Then pull back on the paddle and lift it out of the water. Remember that long strokes from your feet to the seat are best. Don’t forget to paddle on both sides or you will simply paddle in a circle.

To paddle backwards, you will only have to do the forward stroke in reverse. Put the paddle in the water at your seat and push it towards your feet, then take the paddle out of the water and switch sides doing the same motion.

How to stop a kayak?

Place your paddle in the water and hold it there, dragging it against the water. This will slow down and then stop any movement the kayak is making in the water.

How to turn a kayak?

If you want to turn LEFT, row only to the right. If you want to turn RIGHT, row left only. It’s that easy!

Now you are ready to enjoy a kayaking excursion along the cliffs of Los Gigantes in Tenerife.

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